Hi, I’m Malini and I am a self-empowerment teacher and motivational speaker. Having trained in the philosophy of Louise Hay as a licensed Heal Your Life® Workshop Leader, I created Your Inner Power as a place for inspiration, personal growth and self-healing. In my private and group workshops, motivational talks and discussion groups, I expertly guide you to expand your idea of ‘what’s possible’ for you and provide a channel through which you can enhance your well being. This is done by sharing with you empowering knowledge and tools to get to the core of your inhibiting mental patterns, and facilitate greater self-love, such that you can find peace and happiness from within, and live the life you desire..... > Read More


  • Teresa D
    Open, sharing and caring. I loved how you told your personal stories and related to the audience. Very loving.
    Teresa D
  • Rana Y.
    I feel the determination in your voice and your soul as you showed us how to change our negative patterns. Your belief and passion for Louise Hay’s work and philosophy is evident. Thank you for this.
    Rana Y.
  • Linda B.
    Malini, excellent job. You were adaptable and willing to go with the flow. Your presentation showcases your subject knowledge. Great examples from your own personal experience. Thank you.
    Linda B.
  • Milad H.
    With her warm voice and engaging skills, Malini is spreading the vibration of love to all
    Milad H.