A Life Well-Lived: Reflecting on Louise Hay (1926 – 2017)

On August 30th, one of my greatest mentors left this planet. Louise Hay passed peacefully at age 90 in her sleep, likely just as she envisioned for herself.

Louise Hay was a living, shining example of someone who lived what she taught. Overcoming great personal difficulties using the power of her own thinking, she also deeply understood the importance of loving and accepting oneself above all else, to achieve true inner healing – something which modern day medicine is only just beginning to appreciate. She knew that if she could heal herself, then anyone could do so. Her utmost desire was to help people to know this.

She was a self-help pioneer and visionary for her time. She shared her knowledge with millions upon millions whose lives have been positively affected as a result, making her, to my mind and that of others, a modern-day saint.

Louise leaves a legacy of tremendous love for others which spreads – through her books/audios, Hay House and its good work, her charitable foundation, and through the teachers who continue her inspired teachings. For us to whom she was a larger than life figure, I know that despite her passing, after a live fully lived, she is with us in Spirit, spreading her goodness and love from above.

She continues to inspire me to love and accept myself as I am, to create the future of my dreams with my thoughts, knowing that anything is possible for me. And to share this message with others.

Thank you Louise, for your immense love, for your generous gifts of knowledge to the world, for empowering me with your wisdom, for being inimitable YOU.

I feel honoured to be able to continue the legacy of Louise Hay through my work as a Teacher and Facilitator of Heal Your Life® workshops. All is well.❤️