About Malini Menon

Hi, I’m Malini and I am a self-empowerment teacher and motivational speaker. Having trained in the philosophy of Louise Hay as a licensed Heal Your Life® Workshop Leader, I created Your Inner Power as a place for inspiration, personal growth and self-healing. In my private and group workshops, motivational talks and discussion groups, I expertly guide you to expand your idea of ‘what’s possible’ for you and provide a channel through which you can enhance your well being. This is done by sharing with you empowering knowledge and tools to get to the core of your inhibiting mental patterns, and facilitate greater self-love, such that you can find peace and happiness from within, and live the life you desire.

What I know for sure is that deep within each of us is an incredible power - the power of our thoughts. If learned to use effectively, this power will bring us everything we could want, in abundance – joy, peace of mind, prosperity, career success, loving relationships, superior health and overall fulfillment in life.

My introduction to Louise Hay came during the most challenging period in my life. Unexpected events over a decade ago led me to question life from a deeply introspective stance. My search also took me outward to find the answers that would help me move forward as best I could. Among many great teachers and experiences I learned from in the last decade, Louise Hay’s books had an empowering effect on me. The idea that our own positive or negative thoughts and emotions could affect our life outcomes as well as our health resonated strongly. Equally important in her teaching is understanding our spiritual connection and the value of loving ourselves. Once I understood these ideas more clearly, I started examining carefully the thoughts and beliefs I had, and focused on re-patterning what was essential and what was no longer needed. While I could not change what had already happened, I could learn to make peace with the past, and navigate my present and future from a place of deeper knowing and compassion.

My experience is that her philosophy and tools are simple, yet have profound impacts. And I have been able to use them to transform my unhappiness, anger, fear and limiting beliefs into greater clarity, self-love, inner happiness and tranquility, as well as manifest many blessings in my life.

Because of my unquestioning belief in this philosophy and my strong desire to help people significantly enhance the quality of their lives, I wanted to share this vital knowledge with others. With an educational background in Urban Planning from the University of Waterloo, I became a city planner in Toronto for many years. Despite transitioning out of this field, my planning background, which involved working with the community, and taught me to see the larger picture in all situations, has synchronously contributed to my skills as a self-empowerment teacher. Everything has a good purpose.

"I have no doubt that by understanding and applying this fundamental knowledge in one’s life, it will lead to greater personal happiness, in abundance. Anyone and everyone can benefit. I am committed to helping others in my community and around the world attain a deeper understanding of the Power that lies within each of us to love ourselves more deeply, and to find success and serenity in life." MM

I invite you to join me in one of my workshops or other events and prepare to welcome wonderful changes into your life!